Our Team

Favorite quote - “The world makes way for a man who knows where he’s going.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

On my bucket list - traveling to Africa and skydiving

Hobbies - playing basketball, cooking and traveling with family

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Kelvin Brown - Chief Executive Officer

On my bookshelf- Purpose Driven Life, Good to Great, DSM-V and Switch

Hobbies- Listening to Gospel Music

What I am passionate about- Helping others improve their quality of living, Sharing my faith

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Anthony Collins - Chief Programs Officer

What I am passionate about - Helping Others

On my bookshelf - “Whisper” – by Mark Batterson

Favorite place I’ve traveled - Costa Rica, Nigeria

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Alva Baker - Chief Financial Officer

Favorite place - New York City

What I am passionate about - My relationship with Jesus

Hobbies - Spending time with my family

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Becky Collie - Office Administrator

Favorite vacation spot - Spain & Greece

Favorite book - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Hobbies - traveling, reading and volunteering

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Lilia DeBoesch - Accounting Specialist

What I am passionate about - Caring for dogs; especially my newest one, Evan!

On my bucket list - to travel to Africa

Favorite quote - “Somewhere along the way, we must learn that there is nothing greater than to do something for others.” - ML King, Jr

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Rodney Jarvis - Administrative Services Coordinator

Favorite quote - “Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time.” Marian Wright Edelman

Favorite place - Disneyland

Hobbies - Taking photos of sunsets

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Gina Norman - Program Director

Items on my desk – a Dwight Schrute Bobblehead doll, an LSU Tiger (Geaux Tigers) and a lot of paperwork.

Favorite quote - “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

My hobbies - Stamp collecting (have been an avid collector since my childhood), reading, travelling, sports and history.

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Jeff Brandt - Program Director

Favorite quote - “All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

What I am passionate about - spending time with my daughter and grandson

On my bucket list - would love to travel to Ghana

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Janet Peery - Assistant Director of Career Services

What I am passionate about - Spending time with my grandchildren

Books I like - Puzzle Books

Hobbies - Cooking

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Lisa Stephenson - Lead Empowerment Coach

What I am passionate about - I enjoy outdoor activities; especially western horse-back riding.

Hobbies - my zodiac is Pisces; and vacations exclusively near large bodies of water.

Favorite place I’ve traveled - St. Croix, US Virgin Islands; of which I have vacationed three times in past six years; the rain forests, tourism, and beaches are exquisite and relaxing.

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Sylvester Mayes - Lead Empowerment Coach

On my bucket list - Travel the world, build a house and a car.

Hobbies - Writing Songs, Watching Documentaries

On my bookshelf - Bible, 48 Laws of Power

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Christopher Harris - Empowerment Coach

Favorite quote - “Becoming a champion is not an easy process…It is done by focusing on what it takes to get there and not on getting there.” – Nick Saban

Hobbies - Working Out and Watching College Football (Alabama - ROLL TIDE ROLL)

What I am passionate about - That our purpose is to help others. I am blessed that I have achieved much in my life and I want to help others find the same success.

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Devery Bell - Empowerment Coach

On my bucket list - Travel outside the country.

Hobbies - Coed Sports leagues.

Favorite place traveled - Denmark, Czech Republic.

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Jamal Remy - Empowerment Coach

Favorite quote - "The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow."

Items found on my desk - picture of my cats, Chapstick, stress ball

Favorite place I’ve traveled - Broken Bow, Oklahoma

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Marissa "Rena" Mendez - Empowerment Coach