Financial Well-being Services

The Family Financial Well-Being (FFWB) Program is based upon The Working Families Success (WFS) model, developed by the Annie E. Casey foundation in the early 2000s, which provides a framework for nonprofits to deliver key services and financial support to low-income families using an integrated approach of services specifically designed to make it easier for families to obtain critically needed support. By offering a set core of bundled services- in an intentional and thoughtful way- it provides an opportunity help clients overcome barriers and advance economically.

FFWB is not a stand-alone program but is integrated into the all housing programs, staffing and client base. Coaching is an integral component of service delivery to help clients set goals, develop plans and change behavior over time.

FFWB Three Core Services:

Employment Services

The employment strategy is designed to meet people where they are, and to provide the one-on-one attention needed in order to transition into self-reliant employed individuals. Skill assessment, soft skills, linkages to GED and certification programs, job search/ placement assistance, and retention support.

Income Support

Each household receives housing start-up cost and rental assistance / leasing dollars during the stay in the program. At entry clients receive benefits screening to determine eligibility for multiple benefits and to re-certify for existing benefits. HCC housing staff are Texas Community Partner Program certified navigators and can help clients to apply, renew benefits, report changes and manage benefits. Depending on the programs population, clients also receive other income supports such as, child care subsidies, bus vouchers or gas cards, new home move-in kits, hygiene products, school backpacks and school supplies. Referrals are provided for free tax preparation services (VITA), affordable health insurance, free counseling services, food banks, work attire, low cost furniture, utility assistance, sliding scale dental, and legal aid.

Financial Coaching

Clients receive financial capability services to help build their capacity to manage their own finances and sustain financial stability within their self-defined goals. Coaches provide regular feedback, support and structure to help clients develop their own solutions to navigate through financial situations. Coaches assist clients in setting SMART goals, establishing and maintaining budgets, understanding the various types of financial service providers and products, developing savings plans, strategies to reduce debt—particularly housing debt, and how to improve credit scores.