Three programs for the chronically homeless target different populations. Most participants in these programs are veterans who were typically on active duty between 1985 and 2000. Participants suffer from a disabling condition, but with supportive services are able to live independently. HCC provides housing, case management, therapy, and other support services. While a homeless person living on the streets can cost a city upwards of $100,000 in taxpayer dollars annually, HCC can house that same person and provide comprehensive services for about one-third as much.

Veterans Housing Partnership

VHP provides permanent supportive housing with intensive case management for homeless, disabled veterans and their families. Veterans receive support services at the VA Medical Center, on-site at their apartment complex, and at various locations in the community.  To qualify:

  • Individuals must be chronically homeless, disabled, and a veteran.
  • Families must be currently homeless, with the head of household being disabled and a veteran.


Permanent Housing Services

This program provides permanent supportive housing with intensive case management for chronically homeless disabled adults, primarily veterans. This program is limited to individuals. To qualify for this program individuals must be chronically homeless and disabled.

All Citizens Empowered

ACE is a permanent supportive housing program for families and individuals.  All heads-of-household must have a co-occurring diagnosis (disabling mental conditions such as schizophrenia, bi-polar, PTSD) and also have an addiction to substances.  Individuals must be chronically homeless.  Half of the clients in this program are veterans.