Career Services

The goal of the Career Services program is to provide program participants with an opportunity to become motivated, skilled, and prepared to be a part of an effective workforce. As a result, participants will become employed; stay employed, and advance their careers moving them toward family economic success. This program will play a critical role in helping participants to obtain middle-skilled jobs and livable wages.

Our strategy is to have participants explore new career paths by conducting career assessments upon entry, reviewing previous work history, considering skill sets and aptitudes along with their desire to work prior to determining their job/career path. During one-on-one coaching sessions, the Employment Coach spends extensive time investing in participants’ employment preparation by conducting education/skill assessments, developing marketable resumes, improving interviewing skills and teaching them how to job search. . Research indicates that high demand middle skilled jobs have a high concentration in the field of healthcare and technology, and are projected to increase over the next several years.  EVOLVE will develop relationships with high-demand certifications programs and the community college system to expand the talent pool for those jobs.