Michael’s Story

Michael, an Army veteran, entered in the Veterans Housing Partnership program on August 29, 2016. Michael’s father was a Marine and he was born in Scotland on a Marine base. He did not have the best childhood as his father was abusive towards him. Before he was housed, Michael had been in and out of shelters for over a year making him chronically homeless. He battled alcoholism for most of his life which caused him to lose his job and the relationship with his daughter. His longest period of sobriety is one and a half years.

He currently has 2 years clean time and still attends Supportive Outpatient Treatment (SOP) 3 times a week. SOP focuses on education and counseling in both individual and group settings to enhance recovery efforts and strengthen a self-responsible plan of total abstinence. In 2015, Michael became employed after being unemployed for years because of his substance usage. His goals are to remain in recovery, learn a new way of life, and purchase a home.

Michael is currently working with an agency that helps Vets with home ownership.  Michael expects to complete this process in early 2019 and will exit the program to a permanent housing solution.

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