Roselynn’s Story

Roselynn’s story is very unique.  From the outside, she is a young woman who exudes great confidence and high-self esteem, but her life story is far from ordinary.  Roselynn first came to Housing Crisis Center when she began having family problems while living with her grandmother.  She was asked to leave her grandmother’s home just four months after giving birth due to a disagreement.  Roselynn ended up on the streets of Dallas with no place to go.  She attests to living in hotels, churches, on the streets, and even with people she didn’t even know just to be able to lay her head down at night.  With no other alternatives, Roselynn went to Dallas Life shelter with her four-month-old baby girl, Maya.  While at Dallas Life, Roselynn learned of the services offered through the Housing Crisis Center.   Roselynn recalls the first time she participating in a screening at HCC Headquarters.  “Everyone was so nice and made me feel welcome.”  Roselynn reports that Housing Crisis gave her a new start.  “After coming to HCC, I basically felt more stable, secure in myself and situation, and protected for the first time.”  Roselynn also said, “For the first time, I wasn’t scared anymore and I didn’t have to give anyone anything in exchange for a place to lay my head.”

During her time with HCC, she has managed to save $1800 and has future plans to return to school and pursue her dreams of becoming a small business owner in the future.  When asked what HCC means to her, Roselynn replied, “Coming here showed me that people do care and with HCC I felt welcomed from day one.  I’ve had a few setbacks along the way, but nothing I can’t handle and that is because of the support I have from HCC.”

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