Terry Ann’s Story

Terry Ann was 28 years old and a mother of two small children when she decided to leave her abusive husband.  By the time she found the strength to move to a temporary shelter for domestic violence victims, Terry Ann found out she was expecting her third child.  Like so many others in her situation, she hoped that a new baby would inspire a positive change in her husband, but instead his anger and violence only got worse.

Terry Ann was finally at her wits’ end.  She refused to keep three innocent children in danger, so after much prayer and careful thought, Terry Ann made the decision to leave her husband for the last time, ending the cycle of violence that had plagued her for many years.

At around six months pregnant, Terry Ann and her two children stayed at a temporary shelter for three weeks before she realized that a shelter is no place to raise a family.  She was referred to the Home Again Rapid Re-housing Program at Housing Crisis Center and moved her children into a two-bedroom apartment for two years at no cost to her.

Through intensive case management, Terry Ann compiled a resume and finally landed a job in her field of training.  Her new job allowed plenty of time off to take care of her three young children.

Terry Ann graduated the Home Again program with $3,000 in savings, which she used as a down payment for her own home.

For the first time, Terry Ann and her children live in decent, affordable and permanent housing.

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