Tim’s Story

From an early age, Tim struggled in school with an undiagnosed learning disability. Frustrated and failing, he dropped out altogether after the 8th grade. Severe beatings by his alcoholic father took their toll and by the age of 16, Tim also discovered alcohol, which led to other drug use. By 21, he was addicted to cocaine. Eventually, his lifestyle caught up with him and he went to prison.

After his release from prison, Tim became homeless. During his 30s, he survived a number of suicide attempts and lived in a tent in the woods. Tim spent much of his 40s transient and addicted. He has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. He received medication from time to time, but in 2011 hit rock bottom. After yet another suicide attempt, he sought refuge in an emergency shelter that referred him to permanent supportive housing through HCC — a more sustainable fit for Tim’s circumstances.

Now, Tim is sober, has access to healthcare, and is receiving medication for his mental illnesses. He participates in behavioral health therapy with our in-house therapist. He meets regularly for case management. Tim is living a healthy, stable life — off the streets entirely for the first time in decades — and at 52, he has lived 5 years past the average life-span for the chronically homeless, 47. We are excited about celebrating Tim’s 53rd birthday with him.

Author: admin